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4 Examples of Great Company Culture Videos

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Want to showcase your awesome company culture to attract top talent?

You need a killer company culture video.

Videos are not just the future of content marketing. They’re the future of recruitment too. In fact, recruitment agencies report an 800% higher engagement rate for job ads that feature a video.

A punchy, dynamic, engaging, and informative video offers a high-tech immersive recruitment experience and can help you attract younger talent. After all, these days, millennials and Generation Z candidates expect companies to be more interactive and engaging when posting job ads. This allows them to get a genuine feel for the company’s culture and values.

So, to help you attract top talent using video marketing, we’ve detailed below what a company culture video is. And to inspire you, we’ve also compiled four great examples of tech company culture videos.

What is a Company Culture Video?

A company culture video is an immersive video that showcases your company’s values, mission, workplace, and employees. As a business owner, it provides you with the opportunity to appeal to new talent by showing the human side of your organization.

Company culture videos have gained a lot of traction over the last few years, fueled by a new generation of employees, including millennials, craving purpose and meaningful work above prestige, money, and status. That’s right, for millennials, working for a meaningful organization has become more important than a paycheck.

This type of video is mostly used on the homepage, about us, and hiring pages of companies. However, they can be repurposed and used on your social media, landing pages, and ads too to showcase your brand personality, value, and, well… company culture!

What to Feature in a Company Culture Video?

Some of the main things that should be featured in your company culture video include:

  • Your Workplace

Got ping pong tables, a yoga studio, healthy snacks, a chef, or well-lit desks set in an aesthetically pleasing space?

Make sure to incorporate these perks into your company culture video. Show your workplace in a dynamic way to draw your viewers into the space and inspire potential candidates to work there. They need to feel as if they were in your office.

  • What Makes You Unique

Sure every company boasts a unique culture built around great people. But ask yourself what makes you truly unique. What is it that employees absolutely love about your company? You might not have the answer straight away, and that’s ok. Ask your employees for their input and feedback, and create your video once you have the answer.

  • Your Employees

Interviewing your employees will add an authenticity factor to your video. So, make sure to leverage your awesome team and ask them to open up, be honest and share their experience working with you.

Capturing your employees’ experience in the form of compelling and genuine stories will allow potential candidates to better understand the values and work environment you’ve created and assess whether your company culture aligns with their expectations and values.

A great company culture video should also trigger emotions leading your audience to connect with your company as they get to know your team in an interactive and engaging way.

4 Examples of Great Company Culture Videos

You’re used to creating social media video content to promote your products and services. Great. Yet, writing a script and creating content to produce an amazing company culture video is quite different and can be challenging. The idea here is to produce a powerful teaser that clearly conveys your values and use your creativity to stand out from the competition and attract top talent that will fit your company culture.

Here are four examples of compelling and effective company culture videos to inspire you:


Through their ‘’Life inside Dropbox’’ video series, Dropbox encourages their employees to open up and share their Dropbox stories on camera. Rather than just providing a quick snapshot of the team or the workplace, these inspiring videos provide valuable insights into the company’s culture, values, and the employees’ life at Dropbox. Each employee has a unique and compelling story to share about how this organization changed their lives, empowered them as individuals, and helped them achieve their goals.


Another popular video format for company culture videos is ‘’a day in the life of’’. Here again, the limelight is placed on employees. As a pioneer and one of the biggest companies in the world, Google is looking for interns that ‘’exude Googleness’’ and will immediately adapt to Google’s culture of success. So, to target the right talent and ensure they fit within the Google universe, they use their company culture videos to show what life is genuinely like at Google for an intern.


As mentioned before, your company culture video is a great way to showcase your brand identity and personality. Based on that, you don’t have to be particularly serious or informative all the time. If your team is fun, you can also use humor to help potential candidates connect with your company. For instance, in one of their videos, Basecamp shows their fun side by using a practical joke set up by one of their designers. Amused by some of his colleagues’ coffee habits, he decided to buy fast-food chain coffee and a premium coffee brand. He then organized a blind tasting among certain employees and tested their ‘’fancy pallets’’, recording their feedback on which one they thought they were drinking. The reactions are funny and immediately trigger positive emotions and feelings towards Basecamp.


GoDaddy understands the importance of company culture for employees, and they know exactly how to appeal to top talent using video marketing. In their ‘’GoDaddy cares about company culture video’’, they display their start-up mindset through engaging and dynamic scenes showcasing happy and fulfilled employees. Employees answer many questions prospective candidates might have by sharing their personal experience and the key things they like about working there. For instance, throughout the video, the viewers learn that GoDaddy doesn’t impose a dress code, promotes collaboration, diversity, innovation, and encourages employees to have fun while working hard to help clients.

Now that you know more about the importance of creating an effective company culture video, time to roll up your sleeves and get behind the camera. Sure, you might find it challenging at first, but with some practice and persistence, we know you can nail it. And we have tons of resources to help you on our blog section, like 5 best practices for effective videos or 6 tips to become the best content creator in your industry. 

Not feeling inspired?

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Richard Tiland

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