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5 Ways Your Manufacturing Company Can Benefit From Video Production

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With the increasing growth of video marketing, no industry can afford to ignore its incredible value, and this includes manufacturing. Oberlo reports that 85% of internet users in the US alone watch video content online. If you’ve never thought about investing time and money into video production, now is an excellent time to start. We break down 5 ways that your manufacturing company can benefit from video production:

Show off square footage

One of the features that you may be most proud of at your manufacturing company is the square footage of your facility. Videos give viewers a clearer idea of just how much space you’re working with. It can help boost your business’s image and show customers and competitors that you’re capable of handling a high volume of production. Showcasing the size of your facility can attract new clients by sparking their interest and impressing them with the size of your operation and ability to expand.

Demonstrate your facility with drone video production
Demonstrate your facility with drone video production

Talk about technology and equipment

In addition to showing off the square footage of your facility, video also gives you the opportunity to display the technology and equipment that you work with. You can communicate with your audience directly, showing them the technology that your business utilizes and how it works. Video makes it easy to break down complex equipment and processes and explain it in an easy to understand way. Customers will also get a closer look at just how you manufacture products before bringing them to the market.

Document the production process

Don’t view video production as being purely for promotional purposes. Creating a video that goes inside of your manufacturing facility gives you a unique look at your operation. With video, you can document various parts of the production process and review each one. What you record can end up being a useful tool for internal use, allowing you to identify areas where improvements and changes can be made.

Production Process

Provide interesting and informative content for social media

Social media is an essential marketing tool today. Getting your manufacturing business on social sites will bring more attention and awareness to your company. Depending on what you manufacture, you may feel unsure of what to talk about with a broad audience. A corporate videographer in San Diego can help you create quick videos that can be shared across social platforms so you can connect with your target market.

Create commercials

One of the best ways to advertise your company is with a commercial. Statista reports that national TV ad spend will hit nearly $52 billion US dollars by 2021. Consider a TV commercial production to build brand awareness and market your manufacturing business in a traditional format. TV commercials also work well for digital marketing and can be shared across social media sites, on YouTube, and more. Even with the growth of online marketing, traditional TV commercials still provide a ton of value for businesses.

When done well, videos can be an excellent sales tool. Working with a professional video production studio allows you to build your manufacturing company’s video library, presenting a range of content to educate and inform your target market.

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