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The ecommerce market is a growing and competitive sector which presents major opportunities for growth in the next decades. To thrive in the business, organizations need to have an innovative ecommerce marketing strategy that captures their vision and communicates brand information by building engagement with customers. If you are wondering where to start, New Evolution Video Production can help you to devise targeted marketing campaigns thereby launching you on a path of growth.

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Ecommerce marketing
& its importance in the digital era

As you probably know, ecommerce marketing is an electronic method wherein businesses promote awareness about a specific product or service and motivate consumers to take specific action. Every online business owner has access to many digital marketing tools that help to drive traffic to a website. Ecommerce marketing executives use a variety of tactics to develop engagement with prospective and existing customers. Typical targets for a good ecommerce marketing strategy include increasing conversion rate, the number of visitors, lifetime value, and average order value.

Currently more users rely on online shopping than before. Convenience available includes flexible shopping times, access to top brands from around the world, and prevention of hassles like long checkout lines. Users also get discounts and free shipping options which make online shopping more lucrative. With over 2.14 billion digital shoppers around the world, there are plenty of options available to online businesses to harness and utilize for their growth.

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Why you should consider using eCommerce marketing services?

As an online business, providing ecommerce marketing services can benefit you in several ways. Lately, there has been a rise in demand for better customer experiences with advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Customers today primarily want a personalized service with guidance from the seller during their online shopping journey. They also expect a smooth and hassle free shopping encounter coupled with a positive post-purchasing experience.

Meeting the needs of your customer requires you to ensure that you are addressing their every need. Research indicates that companies which catered to every customer’s personal preferences witnessed a 10% increase in sales. All online companies can enjoy the same advantage by studying user behavior and optimizing product pages. With assistance from an ecommerce marketing services provider, you will be on your path to boosting sales in no time.

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Types of ecommerce
marketing services

There are several eCommerce marketing services that you should consider implementing as an online business. Let’s explore the most popular ones below:

Email marketing


Email marketing is a great technique to communicate with clients and generate customer loyalty. Email automation by using a CRM allows you to inform customers about new products, services, and any discounts. It offers a gentle way to educate your audience about the value of your brand and help them remain engaged between purchases.

The value of email in furthering business cannot be understated. A study by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that email yields a return on investment of $38 for every $1 that is spent on it. Not only can you build relations with audiences, but you can also drive them toward your website, social media channels, and blog pages. You could categorize your emails and send targeted messages to specific demographic groups to offer a more personalized experience.

Search engine optimization (SEO)


There is no doubt that you would have already heard about the influence of SEO ranking. The higher your ranking is on search results, the better chances you have of driving traffic to your channels. Crafting a good SEO plan is therefore a wise investment of your time and research.

SEO services should ideally include the right keywords, technical optimization, local SEO, analytics review, and email marketing automation. To avoid your product pages from being overlooked, you can incorporate meta-descriptions and visible tags. Make sure your content is viewable across multiple devices and does not take too much time to load. Paying attention to your SEO will help to quickly escalate your sales margin.

Content marketing


All successful ecommerce marketing services rely on utilizing content marketing tactics to improve engagement with users. They include developing a content marketing strategy along with creating, disseminating, and tracking content to attain business targets. Popular types of content which most online businesses make use of are blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, and more.

There are several steps to building a successful content marketing strategy. This includes identifying your audience and designing a customized content chart. The next step would be to create and edit the content followed by optimizing it for search engines. Content promotion and tracking is also required to examine how well your content is improving connection with customers.

Social media marketing


Social media marketing is an essential component of ecommerce marketing services as it can directly lead clients to shopping cart pages. Ideal social media marketing strategy involves writing and posting content at least thrice each day. It also involves interacting with customers who perform actions such as like, comment, share, subscribe, and more.

Social media is a great tool for offering personalized shopping experiences to users. To maximize your return on investment, regularly respond to inquiries and comments. Always post high quality content like graphics and videos. Use shopping posts to land the client directly to the product page. Run discounts and offers and promote interaction by sharing quizzes and polls.

Pay-per-click marketing

Most of your competitors are relying on paid search ads like Google and Bing to drive sales. Pay-per-click advertisements can help to get your products noticed by engaging customers when they are nearest to conversion. A strong pay-per-click campaign is one which utilizes a number of services like landing page conversion, ecommerce remarketing, and ad A/B split testing to boost traffic.

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If you would like more information on how to utilize ecommerce marketing services for your business, consider talking to New Evolution Video Production today. From corporate videos to social media and virtual reality, there are a plethora of choices for every type of business.

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