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Best Video Types to Build Brand Awareness

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With so much competition for both consumer’s attention and their dollars today, brand awareness is essential. 

Storytelling is at the heart of successful marketing. Video is the perfect venue for telling a story and bringing it to life through words and images. You can tell a story about your brand, your business culture, how your product or services came into being, and so much more.

It can be one of the keys to creating customer loyalty and building up your business. One way to boost brand awareness through marketing is with video. Some types of videos will be more helpful in this effort than others.

What is Brand Awareness, and Why Does it Matter?

First, it’s important to establish just what brand awareness is in order to understand and appreciate why it’s so valuable today. When customers see or hear something from a business and are able to immediately associate it correctly, that is part of brand awareness. It helps influence consumer behavior and can be a useful tool in creating a winning marketing strategy.

Brand awareness makes promoting your products and services much easier. As your brand awareness increases, more consumers will come to know who you are and what you offer. It can turn consumers into customers, who then, in turn, can tell others about your brand.

Brand awareness also builds into brand recognition. As consumers hear or see something from your business, they automatically make the association to your brand. When it’s positive, it can lead to more sales. 

According to ISPO news, “90 percent of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.”  This means that your consumers are making their decision between you and all you competitors through the familiarity they feel towards your brand, which is why it’s so important to get your name out there and make it one to remember.  

Breaking Down Your Brand Strategy

If you haven’t already, you must come up with a branding strategy before creating marketing videos. Branding involves a few key elements, including:


Determine your brand’s unique voice. Is it upbeat, or offbeat, or professional, or fun & lighthearted, etc? Figure it out first so that you can craft the rest of your brand’s elements around this message. Your brand’s message should stay consistent across your website, marketing materials, social media, etc.

Design & Style


What does your brand look like? This element includes your colors, logo, and fonts. Your design should always remain consistent so that customers can make the visual association immediately.


Take the time to consider and then write down your brand’s values. Those values should inform every aspect of your marketing and promotional strategy. 

“Become a best in class organization by defining your one guiding principle – and sticking with it no matter what.” -Tammy Klein

“You can so conduct your business that it will be a sort of ladder, by which every employee who will take the trouble may climb to riches.” -Wallace D. Wattles


Your brand positioning encompasses your unique selling point. It’s what sets you apart from the competition and gives you your distinct spot in the market. With so much competition today, having a USP (unique selling position) is a must.

Now that we’ve gone over what brand awareness is, why it matters, and how to develop your brand strategy, let’s explore the types of videos that best support brand awareness:

Product Demos

Product demo videos are useful for many reasons. They can introduce new people to your product, demonstrate its usefulness, and show off its benefits. They can also introduce existing customers to new products. Product demos are great for helping consumers understand a product or service that may not be straightforward, like for example, SaaS companies.

This type of video can convert viewers into customers, helping them make their purchasing decision with confidence. Customers will have the opportunity to see the product in action and decide if it suits their needs.

It helps with brand awareness because consumers can gauge the superiority and usefulness of the product, which they will then associate with your brand. Video offers you a lot of creative freedom, so you can incorporate your brand colors and fonts. Through your text and talking points, you can also get your brand’s message across, even if only in small and subtle ways.

Checkout this Volo Cordless Hairdryer Product Demo by New Evolution Video:


Customer testimonial videos increase your brand’s trustworthiness in the eyes of consumers. They provide social proof, which can be a powerful tool in helping consumers make purchasing decisions. New customers can get a feel for what your brand is all about by seeing testimonials, which also increases their confidence.

Testimonial videos are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can add them to landing pages to boost conversions. You can share them on social media to show your audience that your current customers are happy with the product. Happy customers will be associated with your brand, and those pleased consumers sharing praise for your product will stand out in the minds of your audience. They’ll keep those things in mind when they think about your brand and consider making a purchase.

INV Fintech validates their brand through a testimonial video by New Evolution Video:


Video Promos

Promo videos are perhaps the easiest and most effective way to build awareness. Think of your promo video as your introduction to consumers. Many people will be learning more about your brand for the first time through these types of videos, so it’s your opportunity to really showcase your brand’s style and message.

Aim to make your promo video short, entertaining, and engaging. Give your viewers a reason to want to find out more about your brand and your products. Unlike with other video types, like product demos, you can get very creative and don’t have to stick to a specific format. Make a commercial for your brand that’s unforgettable for all the right reasons.

UCSD Admissions attracts possible students with a promotional video made by New Evolution Video:



Video tutorials and explainer videos give you an excellent opportunity to boost brand awareness. With these types of videos, you can demonstrate your level of knowledge and insight into your niche. This builds trust with consumers, and they’ll have confidence in your product. 

It may not be easy to come up with original content for an explainer, but your approach to the video can make all the difference. Find a way to approach your tutorial from a unique perspective so that it stands out in the minds of your viewers. You can make it humorous if that matches your brand’s messaging. Customers will come to view your brand as an authority, and they’ll be driven to purchase a product from you because of your expert insight, but also because of your brand’s image.

Biotech companies can keep viewers engaged by creating easy to watch tutorial videos, much like New Evolution Video’s product for BioLegend’s product the MojoSort

Wrap Up 

The versatility of video marketing gives businesses so many opportunities to build brand awareness and increase sales. Some videos make it easier to be overt about showcasing your brand, while others require simpler and more subtle approaches. Try these types of videos to create buzz, build consumer confidence, and shape your brand’s image so that you can best appeal to your target market.

If you want to use the power of video to help boost your brand awareness and would like a free consultation, contact us today.

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Richard Tiland

Richard Tiland

Bio: I’m Richard Tiland, president of New Evolution and dk3studios. I’ve always had a passion for video. Even as a kid folks were always asking me to take the camera out of their face. Over the last 15 years, as I watched video grow I grew with it. I learned not only the skills required for making a high quality video, but the marketing techniques needed to bring in the best results.

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