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6 Types of Video your Brand Needs to Produce

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It’s already great that you’re looking to produce video marketing content for your business. Now it’s just a matter of deciding exactly what those videos should be about. Video marketing has changed, where it’s now about shorter videos, distributed more frequently. 

That basically translates to a lot more content that needs to be created. On top of that, it’s also important that no matter what type of video you’re doing, the style, consistency, and branding should all be the same. 

You want to have a natural flow for your content and you want people to be able to recognize your videos and branding easily, regardless of what the actual content may be. These are some of the key factors to consider and since the average amount of time spent per day watching videos is only going to grow, it’s important more now than ever. 

Educational Videos are the best place to start

These videos are more about explaining your brand versus an educational topic, like how to learn to manage your finances. These are short, to the point, and authentic videos that showcase your brand, its related products or services, and who you are. 

It’s about telling the world what inspired you to make this company and showing your passion to your potential clients and followers. When ‘you’ is being said here, it’s meaning the actual owners/founders of the business. 

Check out this video from NEV:

This authenticity lets people feel comfortable with your content and feel you’re being informative and helpful. These videos don’t even need to be pre-recorded but can be live streams as well to engage with your community on the spot. This combination of authenticity, helpfulness, and community engagement, are some of the best pillars to succeed as shown in this article by Google.

Product Videos help with sales

Your introduction videos are important and great to help build an approachable brand, but then it’s time to get down to the brass tacks. You need to present videos that explain how your product or service works. These videos are purely for marketing and promoting these products and it’s important to make them as professional and engaging as possible. 

With all of the video marketing strategies you use to bring in traffic and grow your community, this one is all about pushing your product or service in a sense, now that you’ve gotten the attention of the target audience. 

These videos need to be smooth, flow well, engage, educate, promote, and eventually close the deal for people to eventually make some form of purchase with you. 

Video blogging or Vlogging keeps your message consistent

These videos are basically your own streaming series. The topic should be centered around your brand, the industry, or even a specific product or service. It’s really important here to build out an episodic format and use third-party distribution channels such as YouTube to build out your channel. 

The more effort you put into this type of commercial video creation, the more likely you’ll also be able to start adding a separate revenue source to your business. A lot of companies and brands focus on the aspect of promoting their products. 

Also spending money through advertising budgets, when one of the best ways to build up their brand is through these types of series and videos that engage the community. Eventually, with enough content, engagement, and a little bit of luck, the videos that you’ve produced could start to bring their own income as well. 

Social Media type videos 

These are producing video marketing content specifically for social media. That means consistent videos to fit a 60-second window. Nearly 70% of people that use TikTok are there to watch someone else’s content. That means there’s a huge demand for new types of content all the time. 

Whether you’re producing splash videos to promote your brand or quick unboxings of your product offering, social media platforms are the way to go. The main reason is, whether you’re using Instagram or TikTok to produce quality content, there’s a huge audience that will repurpose your video for their own content, essentially helping your branded video go viral, thus providing huge brand exposure out to the world. This is even before you need to actually spend any money on commercial video advertisements. 

It also goes without saying that you should be firing on all cylinders when it comes to your social media content strategy. You should also be on all the various channels as well and have branded videos produced for each of them. It’s ok to make one big video and edit it down for the various channels, but it’s still important to post everywhere for maximum effect. 

Video Advertisements still are necessary

Yes, eventually we had to cover this topic, where producing video ads is still important, even in 2022. Social media video ad spending is set to increase by nearly 42% by 2024, showing its relevancy. 

Another thing to consider is that this is also not cheap advertising. Whereas traditional digital marketing advertisements cost a few pennies per click, some of the costs for video advertising can be quite higher with bigger minimums. 

This is due to the fact that a lot of these platforms offer a global reach with minimal hassle for video distribution. That means it’s more important now than ever to produce high-quality commercial video advertisements that work well with your budget and provide the expected overall results. 

Keep in mind just how much content needs to be packed into these smaller videos. You also need to ensure that you don’t lose the message, and finding the right balance is the true skill here. 

Announcement / Event Videos

These are your ad hoc videos that are a blessing in disguise. Because of the infrequency of these types of videos compared to the ones mentioned above, these are an excellent testing ground to try something new. 

You’re utilizing video to provide news on an upcoming launch or some form of an event here. These have no restrictions to length or style, but should still be consistent with your overall branding look and feel. 

These are best used on your main site as well as social media channels. You should also produce several announcement/event videos that lead up to the day of the big news item. This is similar to how blockbuster movies utilize short teaser videos early on, with full-blown trailers right before movie launch to build up hype. 

These can be used for advertising content, or simply add it to your explainer video section, or even on your streaming channel with the rest of your content. You can do no wrong with this type of video. 

Overall remember that branded video marketing is the new major player of content. In fact, 86% of businesses use some form of commercial video to promote their brand and products. 

This means it’s a widely accepted format for producing marketing materials consistently and that means if you’re not using it for your current digital marketing strategy, consider making that one of your 2022 resolutions and start getting some video content products as soon as possible. 

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Bio: I’m Richard Tiland, president of New Evolution and dk3studios. I’ve always had a passion for video. Even as a kid folks were always asking me to take the camera out of their face. Over the last 15 years, as I watched video grow I grew with it. I learned not only the skills required for making a high quality video, but the marketing techniques needed to bring in the best results.

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