Viewers will respond to videos that engage their interests. The main reason to hire a production team is to utilize their experience in capturing the minds of audiences. This is why hit film directors receive offers to make commercials. Grabbing the attention of your viewers comes down to a science. You can master it with only a few tips and loads of experience.

1.Know Your Message

Know why you are creating the video and have a concept that relates to it. The content should organically fit to the target audience and how you want them to feel about the product.

2.Brand Awareness

A brand that knows where they belong in today’s market will be more successful. It is okay to punch jokes at yourself and your limitations. But not to do the opposite and claim your product will save the world. Have fun with what you do if fun is your business. If your work revolves around families then show that.

3.Use Real Faces

Viewers will respond to human faces in an electrical way. Conveying a message. Animation is worth considering but costly. You should use it when it has a purpose for the medium. Finding a face that relates to the audience is crucial. Some actors might seem more attractive than others. But that can lead to the feeling of your viewers being excluded so use faces that your audience will identify with.


Find a real location. I love watching videos set in places I have been. When I see someone driving in Los Angeles I try to notice the streets they are progressing along. I like to figure out if it is possible in real time given the traffic. I’m not holding this logic against them. It is a fun game for me to play in my head because it engages me in the setting as I know it.


Use appealing graphics that accompany your brand image. This takes a little creative research but you will be super pleased with the final product. Consider hiring a graphic designer who can make a custom font that looks like your logo. Coca-Cola and Disney have spread their signature cursive across the world with this so be ambitious.

6.Easter Eggs

Supplanting a hidden message in your videos will give viewers a reason to watch them again. You can leak the hints across social media and watch as interest grows. This shows that you have something more to offer than meets the eye.
Many of these tips begin in pre-production. But a couple fall into the technical realm of using the right equipment and following valuable editing procedures. Do not veer into the trappings of budget. You can produce amazing videos for next to nothing but cutting corners has more drawbacks.