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How to Avoid On Set Injury During Video Production

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How to Avoid On-Set Injury During Video Production

While video production doesn’t sound risky, working on set does come with the possibility of injury to everyone involved. Whether you’re shooting the film, acting in a video, or just assisting, you have to make safety a priority. With so much equipment, gear, and set props in use, accidents can happen. A professional video production company understands the importance of safety on set and takes steps to reduce risks. Here are some easy ways to avoid on-set injuries during video production:

Know your limitations

Keeping up with a tight shooting schedule can be a challenge, but moving too fast and trying to do too much can cause problems. Take your time to do things safely, even it means working a little bit slower. Be cautious when carrying props, moving lights around, operating a camera, etc. Whatever role you play in the production, know your limitations. Do your job well and do it safely.

Establish clear roles

Shooting a video requires more than just someone to operate the camera. There’s so much that goes into creating videos, whether it’s a quick clip to be shared on social media or a lengthy feature for a marketing campaign. Having clear roles established for everyone involved contributes to a safer environment because everyone understands their role. Instead of having several people running around looking for a certain item or trying to get that perfect shot, each individual involved will know what they need to do. This cuts down on the rushing around on set, as well as people over-exerting themselves.

Use elevators instead of stairs

It’s tempting to take the stairs when you’re in a hurry, but it’s not the safest option. This is especially true when carrying props or equipment. One quick slip or trip could end in injury and delay production. To avoid injury, take the elevator when it’s available and avoid the stairs. If you do choose the stairs, take your time and go slow, and don’t carry heavy or oversized equipment or other items.

video production stage setup
Video and Camera equipment can be heavy and unwieldy. Safety comes first on every New Evolution Video production.

Carry insurance

When performing a search for film studios near me to work with for an upcoming project, potential clients should inquire about whether or not they carry insurance. Insurance is important not only to protect the company itself, but also to protect its employees, clients, and any other individuals on set. While insurance itself won’t prevent problems, it does offer protection in the event of an accident or injury. It provides peace of mind and helps to create a safer overall work environment.

Reduce risks by being proactive

The best way to avoid injuries on-set is by reducing risks. Be proactive about set safety. Use tape to secure wires and cords on the floor. Look for potential hazards and take the necessary steps to remove those hazards. A high-quality professional video production studio understands that safety is paramount and will make on-set safety a priority for everyone involved in a shoot.

New Evolution Video Production takes safety seriously. Following these simple tips helps to avoid on-set injuries and ensures a safer work environment for everyone involved in a shoot.

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Richard Tiland

Richard Tiland

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