3 Video Marketing Ideas that Work for SaaS Business

Have you decided to step up your game and start using videos as a marketing tool? Great choice! Videos have many benefits for SaaS businesses and can help you significantly increase your revenue. Indeed, video marketing will allow you to easily show potential customers how your software works and what they can do with it. […]

4 Powerful Tips to Boost your Start-Up with Video Marketing in 2021

  In 2017, 63% of companies were using video marketing to promote their brand and offer. Fast forward today, and 86% of businesses are now harnessing the power of video marketing. And the great news is that video marketing doesn’t discriminate! It works for established companies, smaller size businesses, and start-ups. As a result, with […]

Why You Should Use Augmented Reality Marketing for Your Business

Are you looking for ways to stand out and boost your brand awareness and sales? We’ll assume the answer is yes 😉 If that’s the case, you might want to jump onto the augmented reality (AR) bandwagon! Indeed, while 83.1 million consumers in the US were using augmented reality monthly in 2020, the user base […]

Video Marketing Ideas for Tech Companies

As technology evolves and digital habits are increasingly shaping our lives, one powerful type of marketing that has emerged over the last few years is video marketing. This trendy form of marketing is enabled by the tremendous progress in video technology and is fueled by a shorter attention span and a constant need for entertainment. […]

The Value of Using Drone Footage in Your Video Content

Producing fantastic video content often relies on flexibility; the capacity to overcome tricky obstacles . What appeared like magic solely five years ago (an affordable, flying, radio-controlled camera) is currently real and available to all film-makers on any budget. There are very expensive drones available on the market used for cinema-grade cameras on large productions. […]

How Video Production is Shaping 2021 (5 Content Creation Tips)

Have you been spending a lot of time and money crafting SEO-optimized written content, and yet you’re struggling to attract leads and convert them into sales? If that sounds like you, it might be time for your business to harness the power of video marketing. Indeed, according to the latest figures on Biteable, mobile video […]