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How to Get More Comfortable in Front of the Camera?

‘’Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change.’’  – Brené Brown It’s part of the game these days; if you’re a business owner and want to be successful, you need to get in front of the camera. Occasionally at least. At New Evolution Video Production, we’ve been working with clients for years, helping them […]

4 Examples of Great Promotional Videos

Videos are the most powerful marketing tool you can use to promote your business and your offer. In fact, place a promo video on one of your landing pages, and you might experience an increase of up to +80% in conversion rate. And the same thing applies across all marketing channels, including social media, website […]

4 Examples of Great Company Culture Videos

Want to showcase your awesome company culture to attract top talent? You need a killer company culture video. Videos are not just the future of content marketing. They’re the future of recruitment too. In fact, recruitment agencies report an 800% higher engagement rate for job ads that feature a video. A punchy, dynamic, engaging, and […]

Explainer Videos Improve Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a vital part of every business and explainer videos are a great way to draw that awareness. Whether your business offers products or services, marketing is an important aspect of your business plan. Newly formed businesses most of the time spend up to half of their investment in brand awareness and marketing. […]

5 Ways Your Manufacturing Company Can Benefit From Video Production

With the increasing growth of video marketing, no industry can afford to ignore its incredible value, and this includes manufacturing. Oberlo reports that 85% of internet users in the US alone watch video content online. If you’ve never thought about investing time and money into video production, now is an excellent time to start. We […]

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