Focusing The Lens - A Look Inside The Video Production Industry

Richard Marketing Biotech
Biotech companies are growing, expanding, and thriving in today’s market. However, they aren’t the type of business that we expect to see utilizing traditional marketing
Vertical Videos Next Big Thing

The Pros and Cons of Vertical Videos

Posted by Richard Tiland on  January 1, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Vertical Videos Vertical videos, also known as portrait mode videos, are the opposite of horizontal videos with a 16:9 ratio.
How to Avoid On Set Injury Videographer by car starting dangerous
How to Avoid On-Set Injury During Video Production While video production doesn’t sound risky, working on set does come with the possibility of injury to
Videographers Rent a Studio in San Diego

Rent a Video Studio in San Diego

Posted by Richard Tiland on  December 9, 2019

Rent a Video Studio in San Diego Summary: DK3 Studios is San Diego is available for rent at $50/hour on weekdays and $80/hour on weekends.
The constant demand for quality content can put a lot of pressure on B2B businesses and marketers. Creating new content requires a lot of effort
San Diego Film Festival cover Image 2
San Diego International Film Festival in a Nutshell The San Diego International Film Festival is an annual event going into its 19th year in 2020.

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