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10 FAQs About Video Advertising Online

Video ads can be an ideal way to reach your target audience and get your brand in front of the right people. Before you get started with creating and running video ads, there are a few important things you need to know in order to be successful and get the most out of your ad dollars. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most frequently asked questions about video advertising online.

One of the challenges with video ads is that they need to be short and concise in order to be effective, but they also need to tell a story in that short time, too. Luckily storytelling is easy to do with video since you’re using both visual and audio. As you map out the concept for your ad, make sure that it includes a beginning, middle, and an end. Focus on just one main idea for each video ad so that it isn’t confusing to viewers. Stay focused and stick to the point.

There are several different things you can do to get your video ads to convert. Make sure that it includes a clear call to action that gives your viewer some direction so that they know what to do next. While your video should be short, it should still convey to the viewer how it will benefit them and make their life easier or better in some way. Again, targeting your ads properly is key to reaching the right people who are likely to be interested in what your brand is offering.

Video ads should be short in order to grab a viewer’s attention and get your message across fast. Hubspot has a helpful guide with the ideal lengths for the main platforms. For Instagram, 30-second videos tend to perform best. On Twitter, 45 seconds seems to be ideal based on Twitter’s #VideoOfTheDay. On Facebook, 1-minute videos tend to receive the most engagement from users. Finally, on YouTube 2 minute videos seem to receive the most engagement.

One of the most important questions frequently asked about video advertising online is the cost. The cost of video production varies based on many factors, so it’s critical to know your budget before you do anything else. Working with a professional video production team will typically cost you more than creating a video ad campaign in-house. You need to have your budget and video ad concept match up in order to bring your vision to life.

Before you begin video advertising online, set a clear goal for your ad. When you have a goal in mind for that specific piece of ad content, it makes it much easier to evaluate the video ad’s actual effectiveness. Know what problem you’re trying to solve for your audience and what puts your brand in a unique position to do just that.

Once you’ve put in all of the effort and invested money in your video ads, you want to be sure that they’re actually seen by your target market. The best way to do that is to research your target market so that you choose the right demographics when setting up your ads within platforms like Google Facebook. Run tests to get a better idea of which ad versions and which targets bring you the best conversions. If you’re targeting the wrong people, your ads won’t get watched and won’t bring you new customers.

Unfortunately, there’s no secret or special formula that can be followed to ensure that a video will go viral. As Forbes points out, it isn’t easy to create viral content. The best thing that you can do is create a compelling video ad that makes a connection with the audience. This can be done by making an emotional connection, using humor, and keeping the video short. Make sure that the content of your video is both informative and interesting, as well.

You set your budget, came up with your concept and created what you thought was a killer online video advertising campaign. Unfortunately, you just aren’t seeing the results of that hard work and investment pay off. Before you scrap the video ad entirely, you can make some changes to improve performance. It could be something as simple as changing the shape and dimensions of your video ad. You can also try tweaking the length of your video, making it shorter or even a bit longer, depending on the platform you’re running the ad on. Always run tests after making changes before giving up on ad campaign altogether. A simple change could turn your ad from a dud into a success.

There’s no clear cut answer as to how profitable a video ad campaign will be. It depends on many factor, including how much the video production itself cost, where you’re running your ads, how many conversions you get, etc. When it comes to Facebook video ads, Neil Patel recommends split testing your videos to get a clear idea of what works best for your brand. For YouTube video ads, you can expect to spend around $0.30 per view for in-display ads and $0.10 per view for in-search ads.

Whether you’ve been marketing online for a while or are just getting started with video advertising, it’s common to ask some or even all of these frequently asked questions. When investing in video marketing, it’s important to have a strategy and a realistic idea about what it can do for your business.

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