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70+ Mind-Blowing Video Marketing Statistics for 2022

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‘’Video marketing adds a personal touch to your brand whilst increasing your conversions!”

Lilach Bullock

Is video marketing still a thing?

You bet it is! Now more than ever.

In 2022, videos are one of the most popular ways for people to consume content.


Because visuals are more powerful than text and videos are incredibly effective at conveying stories in a digestible form.

Also, video platforms such as TikTok, YouTube, or even Instagram, have become channels where people hop on at the end of a long day to laugh, be entertained, or be inspired.

And companies that can provide entertaining, inspirational, or educational video content are rewarded with higher brand engagement and conversion.

So, in 2022, you can no longer ignore video.

And if you were already incorporating videos into your marketing strategy, here’s why you need to do it even more:

Video Marketing Consumption Statistics And Trends

Before learning about specific social media video marketing stats and video statistics for businesses, you need to understand viewers’ consumption habits and video trends in 2022. This will allow you to craft more impactful video design that resonates with your viewers.

  • People watch on average 16 hours of video content every week which is an increase of 52% over the last two years.
  • 85% of consumers find user-generated video content more trustworthy than branded content.
  • 85% of US internet users watch videos online.
  • 82% of people prefer to watch live videos to reading social media posts.
  • Men spend 40% more time watching online videos than women.
  • 66% of people cite videos as their number one source of information.
  • Each year, mobile video consumption doubles.
  • Experts are predicting that there will be 205 million smartphone video viewers in the US in 2022.
  • 92% of people watch videos with the sound off, so crafting videos that are optimized for silent viewing is critical.
  • Over 75% of video content is consumed through mobile devices globally.
  • Over 90% of interactive videos are watched until the end.
  • When a video is entertaining, it can boost purchase intent by a whopping 97%!
  • 92% of people who watch videos on their mobile will share some of them with others.

Video Marketing Statistics for Social Media

Videos are driving a tremendous amount of growth online across all social media platforms. That’s because video content is now favored by algorithms on most of the main social media channels because this type of content tends to capture viewers’ attention quicker and keep users on these platforms for longer.

Here are some video marketing stats broken down by channel to help guide your video marketing strategy moving forward:

Video Marketing Statistics For YouTube

youtube Logo

Global Media Insights

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, with over 2 billion active users. That’s right; YouTube is not just the most popular platform for people to upload videos. It’s also a place where consumers go when they’re looking for answers, including information about services or products.

Here are some powerful stats that should convince you to incorporate YouTube into your video marketing strategy for 2022 if you haven’t already:

  • People spend 19 minutes watching videos on the platform every day, which is an increase of 72.3% compared to 2020!
  • The number of YouTube users in the US is expected to reach 210 million in 2022.
  • 88% of marketers prefer to upload videos on YouTube over other social media platforms.
  • YouTube is also the preferred platform for 67% of internet users.
  • 70% of YouTube videos are watched via mobile devices.
  • Five billion hours of video content are consumed on the platform every day, meaning that YouTube users spend on average 2.5 hours watching videos on the platform daily.
  • When a YouTube ad is watched on mobile, it gets 62% more attention than TV ads.
  • 70% of people who watched a branded video on YouTube were convinced to purchase products or services from that brand at the end of the video.
  • The second most popular platform for Millennials in the US to watch online video content is YouTube, just behind Netflix.

Video Marketing Statistics For LinkedIn

video for linkedin

  • Video is the fastest-growing type of content on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn users are twenty times more likely to re-share a video post as opposed to a text or image-based post.
  • 63% of marketers are planning to post videos on LinkedIn this year.
  • The optimal length for a business video on LinkedIn is between 30 to 90 seconds.
  • 66% of marketers share videos on the platform.
  • 80% of the videos on LinkedIn are watched with the sound off.
  • Live streams generate seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments compared to regular videos.

Video Marketing Statistics For Facebook 

  • 85% of videos on Facebook are watched with the sound off.
  • 73% of marketers use Facebook to promote their products and services.
  • Video ads between 16 and 20 seconds have the highest conversion rate on Facebook.
  • There are over 4 billion video views on Facebook every day.
  • Facebook live video content increased by 55% in 2021 to reach 18.8% of all Facebook video content. What’s more, live videos generate six times more interactions on the platform than traditional videos.
  • The optimal video length on Facebook is between 2 and 5 minutes.
  • Video content now represents half of the time users spend on Facebook.
  • 1.25 billion people log into Facebook Watch monthly.
  • Adding captions to a Facebook video can increase watch time by 12%.

Video Marketing Statistics For Instagram

  • A whopping 75% of Instagram users who watch an ad on the platform take action after.
  • Instagram videos generate twice as much engagement than Instagram posts featuring a photo.
  • Instagram stories have 500 million active users every month.
  • 33% of the most viewed Instagram stories are posted by businesses.
  • 70% of Instagram users have swiped up on an Instagram story ad to access a promoted product, service, or website.
  • Instagram video posts generate two times more engagement than other types of Instagram posts.

Video Marketing Statistics For Twitter

  • There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter every day, representing an increase of 67% year on year.
  • Twitter posts featuring videos generate ten times more engagement than posts without a video.
  • 93% of video views on Twitter happen on mobile devices.
  • 82% of Twitter users use the platform to watch video content.
  • Twitter video ads with a call-to-action button lead to 2x higher click-through rates than ads without a call-to-action button.
  • Users spend 26% longer watching video ads on Twitter than other social media platforms.

Video Marketing Statistics For TikTok and Snapchat

  • Tiktok reached 1 billion active monthly users in 2021 and was also the most downloaded app in the same year.
  • 63% of successful TikTok ads place their message in the first three seconds of their video. This means that you should spend time crafting powerful hooks.
  • 41% of TikTok users uploaded a reaction video in 2021.
  • TikTok posts from micro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 18%.
  • TikTok posts from macro-influencers have an average engagement rate of 35%.
  • Six-second clips shot in a vertical format can generate up to 25% more views than horizontal videos on TikTok.
  • Android users spend up to 13 hours a month on the app.
  • Over 1 million videos are viewed on the platform every day.
  • Users are up to 10% more engaged on the app than on other social media apps.
  • 68% of TikTok users go onto the platform to watch someone else’s video.
  • 18 billion videos are viewed on Snapchat every day.
  • 57% of posts published by brands on the Snapchat app are videos.

Video Marketing Statistics for Businesses

By now, it has become pretty clear that, as a business, you need to craft entertaining and powerful video content to capture your audience’s attention. And video marketing is a fantastic way to connect with your audience, increase your brand awareness and sales, and ultimately improve your ROI.

So, here are some stats that you need to consider when designing and implementing your marketing strategy this year:

  • 86% of businesses incorporate videos as an integral part of their marketing strategy.
  • 51% of marketers rank videos as the marketing tool with the best ROI.
  • Marketers who use videos grow their revenue 49% faster than those who don’t incorporate videos into their strategy.
  • 93% of businesses report gaining new customers thanks to branded video content they’ve published on social media platforms.
  • Videos under two minutes get the most engagement. That’s why 50% of the videos that were created globally last year were less than two minutes long. So, in 2022, focus on creating short and sweet video content.
  • US mobile video ad spending is expected to reach $25 billion in 2022.
  • Organic traffic can increase by 157%, thanks to video marketing.
  • When a business’ homepage features a video, chances to appear on the first page of Google Search are multiplied by 53.
  • People retain 95% of the information conveyed through videos.

Impact Of Covid On Video Marketing

It’s a fact, the pandemic has led to a significant increase in digital content consumption as the world shifted online due to strict lockdowns and fear of the virus. And the reality is that this shift has accelerated the adoption of video content formats from internet users and businesses.

Here are some stats highlighting how the last two years shaped video marketing:

  • 96% of people report that the pandemic has increased the amount of video content they watch online.
  • 90% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses.
  • 91% of marketers believe that the pandemic has made video content even more important for businesses. And 70% of them are expecting an increase in their video marketing budget in 2022 due to the rise in video content consumption.
  • 69% of digital marketers who aren’t using video as a marketing tool yet plan to incorporate it into their marketing strategy this year.
  • 61% more millennials and Gen Z consumed video content during the pandemic.

What’s Next?

These stats all abound in the same direction: video marketing has become a critical tool for any business looking to increase its sales and grow. And experts are predicted that 82% of all social media content will be video by the end of 2022!

Now, to capture your audience’s attention and get the edge on your competition, not only do you need to know what’s trending right now, but you also need to look towards the future.

That’s why we’ve also listed below the predictions of 11 top video marketing experts for the next few years:

  • Data will play an increasing role in video content and optimization.
  • Over-the-top (OTT) and connected TV (CTV) advertising will become more and more popular with digital marketers.
  • The demand for live videos will continue to grow.
  • Video advertising will become increasingly personalized in mainstream mass media.
  • AI will play a vital role in helping brands to predict what kind of video content will resonate with their audience. And it will also assist brands in creating impactful content and optimizing their partnerships.
  • New short-form video platforms will emerge.

17% of businesses that don’t use videos as part of their marketing effort don’t do so because they don’t know where to start. And if that’s your case, we’re here to help.

At New Evolution Video Production, we’re passionate about making videos. We work with clients every day to help them create entertaining videos that will resonate with their target market using the latest trends and formats. Add to this high-quality equipment and a team of creative video marketing nerds, and you’ll get fantastic results.

So, let’s stay in touch!

And if you’d prefer to work on your videos yourself, here are some resources that could help:

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Richard Tiland

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