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4 Lenses Every Videographer Should Have

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As a video producer, you’ll need to invest in reliable equipment because more businesses than ever before are looking for professionals who can produce excellent video content. ColoradoBiz Magazine reports that 87% of businesses already use video marketing as a tool, because many consumers refer to videos to decide on their next purchase or learn how to use a product. As a result, the magazine shares that 93% of marketers gain new customers due to the informative and engaging video content released about products and services.

However, effective video content can’t be simply made with an iPhone or even with a basic camera. Video content teams will need extensive gear made up of DSLR cameras, tripods, lighting equipment, and lenses. So if you’re searching for camera lenses for your video content, here are some essentials that you should invest in:

Getting an 85mm lens is a must if you take plenty of video portraits. The majority of the ‘6 Types of Video Your Brand Needs to Produce’ can be taken in portrait, thus making an 85mm lens a handy piece of equipment in your gear. Through this lens, you can create videos that are focused on models using a product or professionals teaching a certain skill.

The good news is that you can get superb video quality at a cost-effective price point through the Canon EF85mm f/1.8 USM. This 85mm camera lens can capture sharp and clear videos even at maximum aperture, making it suitable even for low-light conditions. Its Super Spectra coating also minimizes ghosting and increases the contrast and color neutrality of products in strong lighting conditions, thus allowing viewers to see every detail and color of your products on video.
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX NIKKOR
A 35mm lens is popular among many photographers and videographers due to its versatility. The perspective that this lens provides is quite similar to the human eye, so it’s a suitable choice for street videos, documentaries, portraits, landscapes, and travel clips.

Though there are plenty of 35mm lenses out there, the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX NIKKOR lens is one of the top-rated and bestselling lenses on Adorama due to its excellent quality and affordability. This Nikon lens is able to provide accurate color reproduction and sharp imagery. This lens also offers a seven-blade aperture, eight well-designed elements, and one aspherical lens, so you can get a video perspective that is very similar to the human eye’s.
Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G
Taking a wide-angle video of your subject? You’ll be able to capture more details with the help of a 24mm lens. This lens is particularly useful for long shots, wide shots, and landscape videos, making it useful for companies selling adventure or travel-themed products.

The Sony FE 24mm F2.8 G lens is a suitable choice for content videography because it has a linear focus or fly-by-wire feature for manual focus that’s useful for videography. Even if you’re doing gimbal or drone work for your products, you can easily use the customizable focus hold button in the lens to switch the main focal point of the video. This lens is also smaller and more lightweight than other lenses in the same category, making it useful for content videographers on the go.
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Bio: I’m Richard Tiland, president of New Evolution and dk3studios. I’ve always had a passion for video. Even as a kid folks were always asking me to take the camera out of their face. Over the last 15 years, as I watched video grow I grew with it. I learned not only the skills required for making a high quality video, but the marketing techniques needed to bring in the best results.

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