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How to Create Outstanding Corporate Videos in 2022 – Video Included

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If you’re in corporate marketing and you need to create outstanding corporate videos for 2022 and beyond. Check out this video all the way through. I’m going to be giving you my four best tips to get started in video marketing.

Let’s roll. All right, let’s get started with tip number one, and that’s knowing who you’re speaking to. Now everybody talks the same its target market, yada yada brand persona. Yada yada, OK. Those are very true, but I’m taking a whole different approach.

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I want to get into the head and the heart of your market. And if I’m going to do a video for you, I will sit in silence and I’ll think about that customer. I will try to see myself through their eyes and what they want and who they are, and most importantly, what desires they have and what fears they have. All right, let’s talk a little bit more about desire and fear. So desire works great for retail like apparel bracelets, clothing. They desire to look sexier, to be more attractive to their spouse, to go in the workplace with confidence.

So that’s a desire they have. If you have a retail brand like that, you would want to speak to how it’s going to make them look better, how they’re going to make more deals and how they’re going to get a better partner or be more attractive to their partner.

OK, so that’s desire. Now, fear is a bit different, the fear of missing out. We’ve all heard of FOMO the last few years. And that goes to say, like if you’re, let’s say, a computer software company and you’re pitching to somebody and their operational systems just quite aren’t where they need to be or they’re H.R., they’re legal and if they don’t get your software system, they might miss out on compliance. Or maybe it’s a marketing software and they might miss out on revenue or customer retention. So use fear and desire of your target market or brand persona to connect your video program, your video psychology with who they are and what they want or what they’re afraid of, along the notes of knowing who your target market is and the psychology know where they’re spending time. Are they on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook? Those are the most common platforms where you’ll see video and connecting with your audience.

So just know where they’re at and what type of video you need to make. It’ll help you with duration ratio and content styles. I’ve included a link in the description to one of my favorite HubSpot templates that is a brand persona guide.

So check out the link below to get started with that. Tip number two is know your brand position statement and the overall message you want to convey about your product or service. So what is a brand positioning statement?

A brand positioning statement tells people who you are, what you do and how you deliver your products or services to them. Not only is this going to help you with your video marketing strategy, it’s going to help you with all of your social media, your brochures when you’re at conferences, aligning your sales team to close deals.

So if you don’t have a brand position statement, create one, and this is going to help you really excel, especially in video marketing. When you go to convey your overall message, there’s three rules that I follow, and this goes way back to Ogilvy Days Procter and Gamble.

It’s simple, memorable and concise. Let’s break that down. Simple only state one or two features the benefits of your product focused down on that, especially if you know that it’s the most important to your clients. Because by keeping it simple, people are going to remember the message and be able to keep their attention through the whole production. So concise is a bit different than simple. And that’s really drilling down the message to its granular level. So let’s say you’re a software company and you make customer retention software. If you want to make it really concise, you want to talk about how that customer retention really works in your software.

Drill down to the details. Next step is memorable. Memorable mean something funny or emotionally riveting? Like you want people to remember something? I always use a GEICO commercial because it’s just so simple, memorable and concise. Who doesn’t love a green little lizard that has a British accent selling insurance?

I mean, we all love it, and it just really follows those rules. one of our new evolution video examples is Solar Gard. We used a vampire to convey their overall brand message who needs more protection from the Sun than a vampire and Solar Gard?

Their window films protect from heat, light and glare. So we brought that in as a simple, memorable and concise overall message they want to convey. And as you see from the video here, it was funny. It was hilarious, and it really helped them position their brand in the marketplace.

Tip number three is to push your boundaries. Maybe you’ve heard of Web3 or Web 3.0. We know a few things about it. Number one, it’s immersive and number two, it involves a lot of virtual reality 3D spaces. You know, these head goggles where you’re looking around in a 360 space in 2019, New Evolution did a Web3 style video way before it even came out. It was virtual reality for Hyundai Translate. We went down to their factory in Tijuana and we recorded their best practices, like walking through the manufacturing warehouse, showing like what? They what care.

They put into their refrigerators and their trailer manufacturing, so distributors all over the country could view this presentation, and they didn’t have to go anywhere. It was fantastic and it exploded their sales. So it’s not necessarily that you have to create that content right now, but I highly suggest you educate yourself on what that is.

What are NFTs, what’s augmented reality, what’s virtual reality and what’s it going to mean to your business in the future? In the description below, I have a link to how your business will need to integrate in virtual reality.

Make sure you check that out. It’s a concise document to tell you all you need to know. Tip number four is to focus heavily in pre-production. We all want to run into production. We want to shoot, we want to edit like that seems like the fun, glamorous stuff over my 15 year career in video, I have learned that planning and scripting are arguably the most important parts of video. There’s a lot of people that can shoot and edit. Not everybody is a great writer, though, especially a writer of humor. I happen to love humor. It really connects us.

Think of the commercials that you really like. I’m guessing 80% of them are humor. That’s because we are emotionally drawn to laughing. We want companies and brands that make us feel good about ourselves. You got Snickers. Do it.

The hangry thing. You’re not who you are when you’re hungry. That’s awesome. Directive. And then you have Doritos, which all these have these avant garde, hilarious commercials in our real life. Like, they almost make sense to us, but they’re super funny.

So if you can explore humor in your brand, definitely do it. Why do I say that? Because you yourself know that humor moves you? I’ve included a link to a script writing guide below. Make sure you check that out if you need help with pre-planning, scripting and coming up with ideas.

Besides a script in pre-production that’s so important, there’s a few other aspects such as budget, timeline and logistics. How long do you want the video production to take? How much money do you want to spend? And are you going to hire somebody outside of your organization or inside your organization?

I’ve left some links below to the content I’ve been talking about, like brand personas, target market script writing web three point, I’ll make sure you check them out. Look, I know I explained a lot and I know you’ve been trying VIDEO You’ve been thinking about it. You may be frustrated. Review this video over and over again. If you need help and you can’t get it on your own, please contact me. I’m available 20 47, and I would love to speak to you about your next project.

Thanks for joining me. There is no need to like or subscribe. I’m just here to give good information. I’m out.


Richard Tiland

Richard Tiland

Bio: I’m Richard Tiland, president of New Evolution and dk3studios. I’ve always had a passion for video. Even as a kid folks were always asking me to take the camera out of their face. Over the last 15 years, as I watched video grow I grew with it. I learned not only the skills required for making a high quality video, but the marketing techniques needed to bring in the best results.

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