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How To Start using Marketing Videos to Boost Profits – 16 Expert Tips and Tricks

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Video marketing has been called the future of content marketing, and it’s not hard to see why. A study by Cisco finds that video will account for over 80% of all web traffic this year. However, as easy as it is to make videos today, it’s essential for brands and businesses to focus on making high-quality videos that have a real impact.

Creating quality marketing videos requires planning, strategy, and skill.

By following these tips & tricks can take your videos from forgettable footage to killer content:

Be a Storyteller

Approach each video as a storyteller, rather than a marketer. Use it as a way to tell your customers a captivating story that connects with them on an emotional level. It can be a story about your brand, your products, or even one of your customers. The key is to engage your audience in a way that helps them understand how your product or service is what they need and something that will benefit them.

Hook Viewers Right Away

According to Ad Age, 30% of viewers click away from a video after 30 seconds. That means you need to grab the viewer’s attention immediately in order to get them to keep watching. A strong video introduction is going to get people hooked so it has to pique their interest, whether by being informative, entertaining, intriguing or all 3 at the same time.

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Attention-Grabbing Title

Headlines matter and so do video titles. Your video title should be eye-catching and attention-grabbing while also including targeted keywords. Not only will those keywords help make the focus of the video clear, but they’ll also boost the video’s SEO. By including the relevant keywords the video is more likely to rank and appear in searches when people are seeking content on your topic.

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Add a Little Excitement

A dull video is one that’s quickly forgettable and won’t hold an audience’s attention. Captivate viewers and add a little excitement with an inspiring message and an upbeat approach. You can do this through music, colorful imagery, a compelling testimonial, etc.

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Mission-Focused Approach

Think about your company’s mission and use that as a central focus of your marketing campaigns, rather than focusing on your product or service. Having a mission that viewers can connect with on an emotional level will help draw them in and garner their support. To promote your products, use messaging that emphasizes how they support your mission.

Aim to Inform

The goal of a great marketing video should be to share information and insight with your audience in a way that compels them to engage further. To convince them to make a purchase and choose your company, you have to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge. Whether you’re answering their questions, offering tips or a tutorial, or simply giving advice, educating your viewers builds your authority.

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Mobile in Mind

Wordstream reports that over half of video content is now being viewed on mobile. With increasing numbers of consumers using mobile devices, it’s so important to make mobile-friendly videos. Your videos should be optimized for viewing on smaller screens. Ensure that the audio quality is optimal for small speakers, as well.

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Enhance with Music

Music is a great tool for appealing to your audience’s emotions and getting them to connect with video content. You can use music at the beginning and end of a video or have it playing in the background at a low volume for the entirety. Either way, it can be an excellent enhancement that brings a little extra to your video.

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Optimize for Search

Video content is greatly valued by Google, so optimizing your videos for search will help ensure that they rank and gain visibility. Tag your videos with strong and relevant keywords, include them in the title, and write up a clear and concise video description that includes those keywords.

Ask Questions

Engage with viewers by asking questions. This gets viewers thinking about your content, and they’ll be compelled to share their thoughts and opinions. Asking questions helps your audience feel valued.

Include a Call to Action (CTA) in all your videos

Include a call to action to get viewers to engage and take the next step. Your CTA shouldn’t be pushy or aggressive, but it should be persuasive. It needs to indicate to viewers what they should do once they’ve finished watching the video, such as watching the next video in a series, visiting your website, sign up to your email list, etc.

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Less is More

When it comes to video length, keep in mind that less is more. A good marketing video will be short enough to keep a viewer’s attention while still getting the main points across. A short but impactful video will leave a stronger impression on viewers than a long, yet forgettable one.

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Use Your Company’s Voice

Find and use your company’s voice across all of your content, including videos. Always maintain a professional tone and a high level of quality. Even if you’re doing a behind-the-scenes, day in the life of your team style video, make sure that the employees speak with clarity and are comfortable being in front of the camera.

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Share Tutorials & How-To’s

People love how-to videos because they provide answers and insight in a quick, clear way. Create short, helpful tutorials that give your audience information without revealing all of the essential details. A great tutorial video informs and intrigues at the same time. It also builds your brand’s authority, showing your audience that you know what you are talking about and can answer their questions.

Solar Gard How-To Video from New Evolution Video on Vimeo.

Create a Series

Consider creating a video series centered on a specific topic to boost your brand’s identity. You can use each subsequent video in the series to build off of the previous one, or you can simply expand on a set of ideas focused on a specific subject.

Solar Gard SAFE Webshow from New Evolution Video on Vimeo.

Generate Buzz before Launch

Don’t wait until the video drops to start promoting it. Hype it up before the launch to get your audience’s attention. Use your social media channels to generate buzz. Once the video is out, you’ll have gotten people’s attention and they’ll be interested to see what all of the buzz was about!

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