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Software as a service (SaaS) has exploded in the b2b space. Allowing automation and innovation to help companies accel at an exponential rate.

NEV specializes in SaaS video marketing by helping you build a strong and loyal customer base, increase revenue, explain your product and process and stand out from your competitors.

What is SaaS Video marketing ?

SaaS video marketing helps you generate awareness and acquire leads for your SaaS products. 

The focus is on selling products in a largely digital space with an emphasis on digital channels and content marketing. Efficient SaaS video marketing strategies help you introduce your product into the market, position it by leveraging your unique strengths, and raise awareness around your organization. 

NEV will design and execute a video marketing strategy for your SaaS company.

How is SaaS marketing different from others?

SaaS companies are different from others in many respects. For instance, the customer of a SaaS company is usually a B2C or a B2B company. Marketing strategies therefore should focus on attracting leaders within these organizations. For instance, if your SaaS product is providing a solution for streamlining bookkeeping methods, your strategy should target the heads of accounting at client organizations.

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Trigger Your Saas Marketing With Tailored Strategies

To avoid customers from getting discouraged, you need to devise tactics for engaging them for the long term. Offering incentives such as discounts periodically helps to retain and build loyal customers. In addition, customer journeys are different in SaaS organizations compared to other places. They face longer sales cycles during which customers may ask for more information about unfamiliar products and ask for demonstrations of how something might work.

Due to the nature of SaaS products, marketing professionals need to be creative while promoting them. These products can be highly intricate and contain lots of features that users will want to know about. The right communication strategy will be interesting and catchy while informing customers about the utility of a specific SaaS product.

How to develop an effective
SaaS marketing strategy?

Prior to crafting a marketing strategy, it is important to evaluate your business goals and present circumstances to see how they would accommodate your targets. Consider what stage your company is presently in. If you are in the initial stages, then your marketing focus should be on building trust and credibility with customers as an expert in the industry. Focus on building brand awareness, establishing fit between your product and the market, and determining costs of the customer acquisition process.

Uphold Your Impact

On the other hand, if you are an established organization within the SaaS industry, your focus should be more on retaining your influence and increasing product footprint. Optimize your communication channels to engage traditional customers while examining new channels that can increase your market reach. Use targeted public relations messaging methods to remain constantly in touch with your target audience. Utilize market analytics to lower your customer acquisition costs while improving lead conversion rates.

Involve Marketing Mix

There are several ways in which you can optimize your marketing strategy to attract more customers. You can incorporate creative content marketing methods to build brand awareness and promote greater lead generation. You can get more traffic to your website by regularly publishing content that is relevant and of high quality. Remember to choose content topics that align well with the interests and needs of your target audience groups. Note where in the sales funnel all prospective customers are coming in from and promote those areas among a larger group of customers.

Use SEO Tactics

Another useful tactic is developing an effective search engine optimization strategy. You need to make your site relevant in a manner that it ranks high on search sites. To achieve this, you can publish good quality content, incorporate important keywords in the SaaS industry, and offer resources for those interested in learning more. More traffic is guaranteed with higher site rankings, so it is a good idea to invest in SEO optimization.

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SaaS marketing metrics you should review regularly?

To determine whether your SaaS marketing strategy is performing to the level of expectation, there are several metrics which you can monitor regularly.

Monitor Website Traffic

Assess website traffic to determine how much engagement your site is getting. Though it is a simple metric to keep track of, the results might be misrepresenting since the customer’s overall journey goes through several stages. Metrics which track every site visitor’s movement are more useful in examining engagement trends and patterns.

Track Lead Quality

You might have already decided on your target audience, but it is important to know whether you are actually reaching them. To accomplish this, you can track your lead quality. If you do not measure your lead quality, there might be leads who are unqualified and on your list of target audiences. Consequently, they are unfit for your business goals. To avoid having unqualified leads, use scoring reports or analytics which track customer demographic information.

Measure Cost Per Lead

You may also measure the cost per lead for your organization. You can achieve this by examining the last channel attribution and gradually introducing more complexity. This can be an effective marketing analytic for a growing SaaS company.

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SaaS products are transforming the ways in which we shop, select, and buy products. As a fast growing industry, there is plenty of potential in the market for both customers and business owners. If you are interested in learning more about SaaS products, consider talking to New Evolution Video Production Company today.


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