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Spread the word about your new inventions & discoveries

Have you developed a new product, service or technology that can revolutionize health care? If yes, you can definitely use help to get the word out about your latest invention. This is where our life science marketing agency at New Evolution Video Production comes in. We have years of experience working with biotechnology and healthcare companies, providing robust marketing and promotional support. Our life science marketing campaigns are designed to help you reach you prospective audiences in the most engaging and informative manner. With a simple video, you’ll be able to make an impressive and memorable impression on your target customers.

Not just your inventions, but your discoveries too. Whether it’s your latest find or old wine packaged in a new bottle, our biotech marketing services can help you share information about your research and findings.

Our team works very closely with you to help you design a video marketing campaign that wholly celebrates your unique brand image. Contact us today for biotech marketing services.

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Get investor support through data-rich content

A smartly done and well placed video can make all the difference in the world to your biotechnology project, especially if you are a start-up looking for investment. With proper funding, you can bring your dream product, service or technology to life. Our job at New Evolution Video Production is to produce a compelling biotech marketing video for you. This video will awe potential investors and encourages them to fund your project or purchase ownership in your company.

Our highly experienced life science marketing experts have helped many biotechnology companies prepare engaging and exciting video pitches to share with venture capitalists, angel investors, banks and crowdfunding websites.

We implement social listening to understand what your market wants and what messaging prospective investors will best respond to. Then our team of specialists sit with you to create a highly bespoke biotech marketing video that captures the true essence of your brand and project. Just let us know what you need and we’ll start developing the script for your investor videos.

Bring boring technicalities to life with vibrant Life Science Marketing videos

Life science concepts can get too complicated or boring for the average customer, who has no idea medical knowledge. So, when you describe your offering to customers, they may feel disconnected and disenchanted with your brand.

With so many competitors in the market, it pays to invest in inventive video content biotech marketing for your products and services. After all, the only reason why a customer would purchase from you and not a competitor, is because they were impressed and taken with your marketing content.

This is where New Evolution Video Production life science marketing agency comes in. Our life science marketing team includes science graduates, biotech experts, social media specialists, SEO professionals, video developers and graphic designers. They will work with you to translate your complicated product, service or technology concepts into easy-to-understand and engaging content. That way, your audience will be able to easily understand what it is that you do and what you are offering them.

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The types of videos we use for biotech marketing

At our New Evolution Video Production biotech marketing agency, we use a variety of video formats to create really interesting and memorable biotech marketing campaigns for your brand. Some of the types of videos we can prepare for you are:

Introductory videos

To introduce your biotechnology firm and welcome audiences on your journey.

Product description videos

From product concepts to usage instructions to case studies.

Customer review videos

By compiling customer product/service reviews from the past and showcasing the end results of the treatment/technology.

Advertising videos

For various social media channels and those to be used on your landing pages

Tradeshow promotion videos

Designed exclusively for your trade shows and biotechnology conventions. Learn More

Technical specification videos

Which you can share with manufacturers, healthcare facilities and even regulatory bodies for approvals/licenses.

Press release videos

To share with your biotech marketing media content kit.

We understand that not every company and every audience prefers the same type of content. To help you get the highest chance of success, we can create your videos using various video formats, such as:

5 reasons to choose us as your trusted partners for biotech marketing

At New Evolution Video Production, we pride ourselves for being one of the premier biotech marketing companies in san Diego. Here are a few reasons to work with us:

Our optimized videos can
help your personality shine

At New Evolution Video Production, our team of highly experienced biotech marketing professionals are dedicated to helping your brand personality shine online. We help you represent your biotechnology firm in a way that your target audience finds irresistible.

Just share with us your bespoke biotech marketing specifications and requirements and our team will put together a very personalized and affordable video campaign just for you.

We know that your biotech marketing needs will diversify as your business grows. Our team is fully equipped with the resources necessary to help you develop robust video marketing content for all stages of your growth.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to our biotech marketing agency today and let’s get started with your campaign.

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