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Promoting virtual reality use across all industries is the goal of every VR production company.  So far, its use as a training mechanism is popular especially in the medical field where future doctors are being trained to perform robotic surgery. However, other industries like education, transportation, construction, and telecommunication are also relying heavily on virtual reality to grow their businesses.

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How does 3D virtual reality content work?

The good thing about virtual reality is that it can be accessed across a wide range of devices and channels like laptops, smartphones, TV, social media channels, and more. 360 degree video content or virtual reality videos can be watched by using specific glasses like Oculus Rift. Or you could use devices like Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard wherein you use your mobile phone to watch content without using any external processors or cables. 

As humans, our perception of the world is shaped by our senses and our experiences. Virtual reality engineers use the innate rules of perception to design and implement VR experiences that simulate our surroundings. VR headsets enable designers to accomplish this goal by using software to replicate natural environments. Within these headsets, sensors and magnets measure how we interact with the artificial surroundings. Additional programs can be accessed by utilizing external cameras and remote software available to enhance the virtual experience.

Elements of virtual reality used to enhance visual appeal

A VR production company harnesses several elements to create appealing virtual environments. At present, virtual reality offerings are consistently evolving to generate high-quality immersive experiences. These innovations are developed on the basis of the following functionalities.

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Sound effects and spatial audio

VR tools are developed in a way that you feel immersed into a different space. Creating the feeling of being in a similar space requires 360 degree sound or spatial audio. VR production companies rely on sophisticated virtual reality technology to replicate the type of audio you would typically encounter in the real world. A more advanced sound system will help to deliver a better immersive experience.

Another advantage of spatial audio is that it assists users in navigating a VR experience by providing directions such as where to turn. Headsets use spatial audio to communicate where you need to turn which in turn adds to the sense of realism which encompasses virtual environments.

Field of view

Creating a wide enough field of view is an important consideration for VR developers. A fully immersive virtual experience is one that replicates our field of view in the real world. In perspective, humans are capable of seeing much more than a VR headset allows you to see at the moment. Whereas we can see around 220 degrees of our surroundings, a VR headset shows us about 180 degrees only. In addition to field of view, the frame rate impacts the way in which virtual reality works. To replicate our surroundings, frames need to move at an increasingly fast speed. Since the human eye can see up to 1000 frames per second, VR developers are trying to generate experiences that match human capability. Currently, any visual content less than 60 frames per second creates nausea which is why engineers are trying to reach 120 frames per second.
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Why you should work with
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A VR production company enables brands and their agencies to design virtual reality experiences that help drive sales. They incorporate 360 degree VR video content to produce an immersive reality that can be viewed across diverse platforms. This ability is among the many reasons why VR has become so popular today.  Almost all industries gain from working with a VR production company. Retail stores can benefit from creating a 360 degree digital presentation of the store. Real estate companies could incorporate VR demonstrations of available properties to give customers a better idea of what it feels like inside. Travel agencies can incorporate virtual presentations of destinations which would appeal more to travel enthusiasts
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Head tracking and positioning

The best part about navigating VR environments is the ability to wander in a virtual space and the environment adjusting on the basis of your position. Position and head tracking features are used to check your position in a room and indicate the direction your head is pointing towards. This feature enables you to explore a space autonomously. 

Outside the VR headset, sensors are available to make sure you are safe while moving around in a room. Such tracking technology is being constantly developed to offer enhanced security features to users. For instance, eye monitoring technology helps to enhance focus and lower the feeling of nausea which people feel while wearing a headset. Other sensors and tracking technology are used to make the landscape appear more immersive.

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VR has revolutionized not just the way in which we consume digital media, but also how we learn from it. In this regard, VR production companies are enabling companies to not just expand their offerings but to also connect with more users. By purchasing custom apps available on online play stores, VR production companies assist with creating products compatible across multiple devices like desktops, smartphones, tablets, and more. If you want to know more about using VR for your San Diego business, talk to New Evolution Video Production Company today.

Our team has experience ideating and developing compelling VR videos for investors and bankers. Reach out to us to learn about our services.

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Our team has experience ideating and developing compelling corporate videos for investors and bankers. Reach out to us to learn about our services.

Storytelling And Live Streaming ​

VR production companies, like the New Evolution Video Production Company in San Diego, thrive on effectively harnessing one element: storytelling. Good VR experiences are built on simple story lines and precise camera movement which help to craft fun and easily understood immersive experiences. Such experiences help to provide a context to audiences which in turn fosters an emotional reaction with the product. Due to its ability to build rapport with audiences, virtual reality is greatly suited for offering live streaming experiences such as sporting events, music, and theatre. Those belonging to the entertainment industry are using it to diversify their offerings and appeal to a wider fan base. 360 degree musical videos are being created to offer intimate access to fans, and sports franchises are using VR for broadcasting and training purposes.

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