Corporate videos have a similar element to feature motion pictures. Both are telling stories they care about in effort to extend this knowledge to a new audience. Often times the onset experience in corporate videos can be way more fun than their entertainment cousins. All that being said, a day on set is still work and frustrations arise at every turn. Here are a few tips to help the day run more efficiently:

Capture Casual Interviews – After consulting with the client the production crew will know what information they need in the scripts. In between doing this, there will be many moments for the crew to set up. If you are shooting an interview, allow yourself to record a more natural conversation. This will put the on-screen talent more at ease. They might surprise you. It’s actually okay if during these type of casual interviews the audio department is visible. Everyone knows there are invisible magicians behind the camera and creating outtakes is a nice way of connecting with the audience.

Use a Two-Camera Setup – Filming a corporate video with a one camera angle feels stale like an infomercial. This is not what you want for your corporate image. Shoot with various angles and allow the editors to find what looks natural. This is also backing up options for footage in case something like shadows gets in the shot.

Hide Your Mics – Your boom operator knows the strength and steadiness of his arms carry the weight of the set. In fact, everyone on crew plays some part in this. Make sure the audio department has a comfortable position to operate in. Lapel mics are a bit different. You can suffer quality loss from materials blocking them. See the video below for some professional advice on how to hide them from the camera.

Wardrobe – Make sure your costume department brings the necessary clothes for all your on-screen persons. This includes a matching backup outfit in case a stain occurs or an item goes missing. It’s suggested to also bring a range of clothes in case something clashes with the background or you decide to go in another angle.

Plan For Fun – If you have a long day of shooting ahead of you, your crew is going to get a little stressed out. Don’t let this go overboard. Allow for breaks as needed. Also, sprinkle in a dash of fun! Maybe a catering truck from a local vendor. Or if you are working to make an advertisement for an interesting product, setup a test area for the crew. That way they can discover what they are helping to sell. Maybe you’re just making an ad for life insurance policies so in that case go with the food truck.

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