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How To Make Videos Catchy

Summary: Techniques, tips, and video production tactics you can use to make videos catchy. A viewer’s attention becomes distracted after 8 seconds so you have to entice them into wanting to continue watching. This Green Mountain Coffee ad perfects the quick attention grab.  There is a science behind making videos catchier so the viewers will […]

How to Write a Great Corporate Video Script

Videos are currently the most powerful form of marketing. Every great video begins with a good script idea. A lot of times the client will know what they want and it is up to the video production unit to complete this. Writing a well-organized script that pleases both parties is the key to that. I […]

How To Determine Video Production Costs

Summary: This post provides a breakdown of video production costs used in the creation of a full scale video production. We talk money. We talk studio time. ((We talk marketing budget ROI in this post)). Follow the Money During the first conversation of any video proposal, the word costs will appear. This is the guideline […]

8 Mistakes that Ruin a Corporate Video

Corporate videos have a distinct goal and that goal is to open up a conversation between the client and their potential customers. And although there are multiple moving elements within the corporate video creation process, there is still a lot happening behind the scenes that can go wrong. Cut! Here are some of the fatal […]

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