The human brain is made to elicit a positive response from seeing another human face. We are apt to see faces in inanimate objects. Even if there is the slightest resemblance of eyes and a mouth. Think about the man in the moon or a pancake with a pineapple smile. Including human faces in your videos will help to deliver your message in a much more helpful manner than just a product can.

The Face of the Brain

There are specific brain cells in every human called the fusiform gyrus fusiform gyrus which help remember and associate faces. These cells are always active in looking for faces and placing them into the memory banks. When a favorable face engages these cells, oxygenated blood rushes into the area creating a small sense of euphoria. This helps explain why we keep pictures of loved ones close to us.

Add a Human Face

Adding a human face to your video creates a favorable identity for your product. The eye will naturally draw to a human face over text or abstract images. The product your company is advertising may be new to the viewers. But a human face, especially one they are already familiar with will conjure up the same trust. It creates a familiar feeling as if they have known the product for years.

Face of a Spokesperson

Finding a spokesperson to represent your company can be a frustrating issue. You won’t find a face that will please everybody but if you know your target demographic you are halfway there. Compaq computers was a genius about their early advertising. They included John Cleese, notable to computer geeks, as their spokesperson as he was someone well known by computer enthusiasts. At the same time, IBM hired a Charlie Chaplin lookalike for their ads which failed miserably with confusion. Compaq knew more about their target audience and the marketing technique they chose was much more effective at the time. They also continued to work with Mr. Cleese through further ad campaigns to increase the familiarity and trust with their customer base.


Public Perception

The size of your company does not matter to public perception. What matters is that it the public can associate it with a friendly face. Showing your customers that you have actual people working for you will go a lot further than listing names and achievements.
Even when it comes to training or correspondence videos, using a human face is an advantage to keeping the viewer engaged. It creates the feeling you can associate with a product or service. In a world where machines rule our lives, it lets us know we are still in charge.