We have discussed the importance of creating the perfect pre-roll ads to market your products. Online video can be a double edged sword. The skip ad button is brutal to ads that do not capture the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds. You can make ads targeting this in one of two ways. First, simply make your video 5 seconds or less. This is a tricky one if you have more information to convey. Remember, the point of a video is to engage the viewer so they feel something. Only then, will they want to invest any interest in your product!
Green Mountain Coffee’s 15 second spot engages the viewer immediately. It wraps up all the information before the viewer even knows the skip-ad button is available.Take a few of these tips before formatting your next pre-roll ad.
The video starts out by showing the coffee available in one of the new pod machines. This attracts customers who currently use them or are curious about the quality of the coffee available for them. We even see the Keurig logo on the pod. Then they mention the words “fair trade.” This is a strong catch phrase for liberal minded coffee drinkers. Suddenly they show a plane landing in Columbia, the source of the coffee beans. They introduce a coffee grower by picture and name. Now we are at the 5 second mark. The skip ad button should appear but the viewer is engaged. A story unfolds. We are invested.
There is a lot of quick shots and edits. Valuable information is flying at the screen and through the speakers. It is not an overload but it demands attention. The quick pace of the narration grabs you to focus. The story further explains the notion of fair trade. It means a fair sale price for the coffee grower. They explain that through this he can improve his farm. This leads to great economic development for his community. We see pictures of the community. A focus of the image is set on a mother with her young child. Everyone is smiling. Even the cup of coffee has a smile of foam on it.
The story wraps up and this is by second 13. We see the product shot again. Special effects make it seem as the whole story of this community resides inside the Green Mountain Coffee pod. The last 2 seconds are a tag showing the consumer enjoying the product.
In these 15 seconds of the pre-roll ad, we get a lot of information. This is a “tasty” cup of coffee. It is widely available. It is easy to use. The company has a strong ethos for helping the world. This all translates to demands their key market will focus on.
It is likely that watching an ad like this will distract the viewer from their intended program. The hope is for them to switch focus and google “Green Mountain Coffee.” That interest will translate into sales. If the viewer does not do this, there is still a catch to hook them. The quick pace of the visual shots and narration sets a subconscious notion. The next time the viewer is walking down the coffee aisle, they will see Green Mountain and remember good things.