Well, we’ve all been jonesing for a year now. Finally, new episodes of the most popular series is about to air. HBO unleashes the next to last season of Game of Thrones on July 16. CAUTION: For those unfamiliar with the SPOILERS ARE COMING!
HBO has announced that the series will end next year. The show runners diverged from the books in the last couple seasons. So no one but the show writers know how things will turn out.  In a recent interview, author George R.R. Martin described the show writers as being more bloodthirsty than he was. We are all rooting for our favorite characters. Maybe yours is still alive.
When we ended Season 6, all the rulers of the kingdoms were female. What a high note for feminism. Quite the change from the show’s beginnings. We have some new favorites like Lyanna Mormont (aka Bear Island girl). The GoT characters fulfill basic human archetypes. We most likely draw attraction to those we see in ourselves or hope to be. The truth is we would all be Joffreys if we had the power. No shame in that.
With the series coming to an end, there is some drastic action to occur. Don’t be surprised if the season premiere does a lot of talking. The show is notorious for a lot of slow drag. Don’t worry, action is coming! We finally have the dragons. All the forces have lined up. Will they unite in the war against the white walkers yet? Or do we need to destroy Queen Cersei first?
There is a story about when Benioff and Weiss approached Martin for the right to Game of Thrones. Martin said the entire series boils down to one character’s story. He asked them which one they think it is. Each had a different answer. One said Snow, the other Arya. Martin didn’t acknowledge either answer but gave them the rights.
Now that the fate of the show is in the producers’ hands, how will it end? We have theories that Jon Snow and Daenerys will become a couple and rule the kingdoms. Tyrion will be the Hand. Arya will be the Kingsguard. Blah, Blah, do you really expect a picture perfect happy ending with this show? It is obvious we have to lose some main characters this season. It is possible there will be no Starks left by 2018. Let’s not be so drastic.
As I travel the world, there is something about the show I find fascinating. People who don’t watch shows in general and have no way of an HBO subscription, still watch Game of Thrones. This shows the power of what video can do. It can make people break the law to watch it. It can reach inside our self-analysis and diagnose us better than any psychologist.