Videos are primarily presented as advertisements to draw interest from potential customers. Once the sale is made communication between company and user dwindles. This is seldom becoming the case in the digital age. Now the entire customer journey can be a series of videos created by the distributing company and even by the customers themselves.

Gaining the Customer Base

Commercial advertising is the typical format for which companies videos. It is a stable in the industry and a must to attract new audiences and increase sales. Creating a convincing video campaign is a battle in its own right. The intention is to create interest in your product and draw potential customers to your website to further research your company. You can create several other videos for these purposes. The initial video should be highly entertaining and target a desire for the viewer. Once drawn in the supporting videos can be more informational. The idea is to provide extended reasons to support the customer’s purchase. The more informed the buyer can relate to a more determined purchase.

Focus on an Existing Customer

Once the customer has made the purchase they may have questions about how to use the product. Most of the time this information is in a product manual. However, video has major advantages in this case. Visual instructions can be more useful. You can refer to them later online, instead of looking through a junk drawer for sheets of paper. Presenting videos in this category can more accurately guide the customer to fulfill product enjoyment. Keeping these videos posted on a publicly accessible site allows potential customers to research the product further before purchase.

Following up with a Customer

This last step can involve product insights. Giving customers other uses of your product can be interesting as they learn to use it. The idea is to create a dialogue where the company, product and customer share ideas and can make about advancements for the future.
For almost any product there are online reviews. YouTube is drowning with customer-created content for this. Posting reviews on your website allows for more control over what viewers can see. It also participates in the online community described in the above paragraph. Users and company can exchange reviews and learn ways for improvement.

Further Insights

Now that you have the customer’s attention there exists a valuable chance to offer related products. Adding video links to margins of the reviews page can show the customers a product they might find more useful.
The point is to correspond every aspect of the customer experience with a related video as a guide. Giving your company the opportunity to have a clear say about your product and how it is relevant to your customers. Video seems to have a stronger advantage over text in this case as it is much more engaging. Consider all of these stages as part of the overall campaign. Allow the customers to help with the marketing and development as well.